Today's Opportunity

Merchants pay billions in credit card Interchange fees annually.

Credit card Interchange fees add up. In 2006, merchants paid well over $100 billion in Interchange fees to banks issuing Visa and MasterCard products worldwide. For merchants, these fees range between 1% and 3% of the value of each transaction, quickly eating into precious profits.

Understanding Merchant Account Fees will show you how to optimize your Interchange fees in “Card-Not-Present” environments, potentially saving you thousands of dollars annually!

Visa and MasterCard finally disclose Interchange Credit Cards Information.

Long shrouded in secrecy, the rates and rules governing creditors Interchange used to be hard to find, understand and optimize. Merchants operated under the mercy of the Associations and their payment processors. Over the past several years, however, both Visa and MasterCard have embraced a new philosophy of glasnost. One result of this new openness is the Associations’ decision to openly publish the Interchange rates, as well as a large portion of the rules that govern Interchange qualification and online payment processing.

Understanding Merchant Account Fees will help both large and small business merchant accounts avoid the gobbledygook and concentrate on the handful of relevant rates applicable to your business.

An unprecedented savings opportunity, but, a complex exercise.

Initially regarded as an epiphany by account merchant, the Associations’ ultimately reveal virtually 350 Interchange rates, accompanied by thousands of qualifiers and regulations. While the rate structures offers many merchants an opportunity to realize significant fee savings, the complexity discourages merchants from pursuing Interchange optimization. Few Payment processors proactively assist merchants in  optimization. Millions, perhaps billions of dollars in Interchange savings are forfeited annually.

Understanding Merchant Account Fees will arm you with the information you need to confidently work with payment processors, while equipping you with a mathematical foundation for performing analysis, auditing, and oversight.