How CNP Merchants can Better Process Visa & MasterCard

8. This is Direct Marketing:

During the Internet bubble, brash young executives extolled the virtues of their “new companies,” which were guided by an advanced, Internet-driven philosophy, and which didn’t necessarily need to deliver profits. When the bubble burst, so did most of these “new companies.” The ones that survived were the companies that knew all along, that e-commerce is just another form of Direct Marketing. This same principle applies today to payment processors catering to the Internet crowd. While these processors certainly need special technology, they also require a rich and deep knowledge of the direct marketing business. Whether you are selling clothing, electronics or subscriptions, direct marketing should play a significant role in your payment processing function. Recurring charge businesses, like record clubs for instance, require direct input from payment processors that understand marketing. These processors must be adept at handling situations like expired cards and impermanent authorization declines in such a way as not to cause unnecessary customer cancellations. These processors should also be involved in payment-related customer communications, be they written or via e-mail. Choose a processor with a deep and rich history supporting direct marketers