The definitive guide for understanding the confusing world of merchant account fees.  Whether you are a merchant or a payments industry professional, Understanding Merchant Account Fees was written so you can finally understand the costs surrounding credit and debit card payments.  Using the backdrop of card not present transactions, it’s the perfect companion for those involved with merchant accounts of any kind.
For Merchants

Avoid downgrades. Optimize Interchange costs. Uncover hidden fees. Make wise pricing decisions.  Understand what you’re really paying in Merchant Account fees.  Understanding Merchant Account Fees will show you how to optimize your Credit Card Interchange and processor fees in “Card-Not-Present” environments, potentially saving you thousands of dollars annually!  Understanding Merchant Account Fees will arm you with the information you need to confidently work with electronic and online payment processing, while equipping you with a mathematical foundation for performing analyses, auditing, and oversight. Complete with examples and a companion spreadsheet.

For Payment Professionals

Understanding Merchant Account Fees is the new, definitive training resource for credit card and electronic payments professionals. The payments business is getting more competitive by the minute. Pressure on margins is relentless.  Your greatest weapon in this battle is knowledge.  According to The Green Sheet, Understanding Merchant Account Fees "illustrates why it behooves ISOs and MLSs to educate themselves, and then their merchants, on these topics."

Merchant Account Fees
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